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233 E Redwood St, Baltimore City, Baltimore 21202, Maryland, Baltimore City, United States

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Gordon Feinblatt LLC, established in 1953, is one of Maryland's premier full-service law firms with 70 attorneys and 25 paralegals. Our size assures competence in virtually every area of the law without sacrificing personalized attention to our clients. Our attorneys provide a spectrum of legal services for businesses, institutions and individuals.We present our clients with innovative solutions applicable to their unique problems and circumstances, providing a legal advantage to people doing business in Maryland.Gordon, Feinblatt's prevailing values are quality, integrity, collegiality and the placing of client interests ahead of Firm and personal interests. We are committed to advancing and protecting the interests of the business and professional community, delivering our services effectively and efficiently, and garnering the continued trust and confidence of our clients.Gordon, Feinblatt is located in the historic Garrett Building, two blocks north of the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore. The Firm is committed to providing quality legal representation to our community. We encourage our attorneys to participate in pro bono and other community service activities. We work closely with a number of organizations, including the Public Justice Center, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, The Community Law Center, The Legal Aid Bureau, The Womens Law Center, and Advocates for Children and Youth, to provide legal assistance to individuals and organizations of limited financial means. Our attorneys have handled a wide array of pro bono matters that include: counseling a number of non-profit organizations on a wide range of legal matters;negotiating for the release of Afghani detainees held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; representing the City of Baltimore in taking title to abandoned and vacant properties to restore them to productive use as part of Project 5000; filing an amicus brief on behalf of numerous religious and faith-based organizations and leaders from diverse faiths in support of the right of same-sex couples in Maryland to enter civil marriages; assisting low-income taxpayers to prepare tax returns and resolve disputes with the Internal Revenue Service; working with the American Civil Liberties Union to assist crabbers who were Saturday Sabbath observers in challenging the constitutionality of an ordinance prohibiting crabbing on Sundays, which had the effect of limiting their work to five days a week, while other crabbers could work six days a week; enabling an elderly widow to keep her house and avoid bankruptcy after her identity was stolen and numerous credit cards fraudulently opened in her name.Working with the Maryland Volunteers Lawyers Service, each Gordon, Feinblatt summer law clerk is assigned a pro bono matter. Under the guidance of a Gordon, Feinblatt supervising attorney, our summer law clerks meet with the clients, assess their needs, and resolve their legal problems. The program gives the clerks the opportunity to have direct client contact and experience the rewards of seeing their work improve the lives of those they represent. Promoting the advancement of diversity, both within the Firm and in the community, is of utmost importance to Gordon, Feinblatt. The Firm strongly supports the growth of diversity in the law, including diversity in race, culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, language, and experiences. Gordon, Feinblatt believes that cultivating and maintaining diversity among its professional staff enhances the Firms ability to respond to the needs of a dynamic and increasingly diverse business community. Gordon, Feinblatt actively invests both human and capital resources in promoting the advancement of diversity.
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233 E Redwood St, Baltimore City, Baltimore 21202, Maryland, Baltimore City, United States

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