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2707 Union Ext, Shelby County, Memphis 38112, Tennessee, Shelby County, United States

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Attorney Alicia Howard has practiced in various areas of the law in a variety of settings since becoming licensed in 1990. For the first 3 years of her practice, Attorney Howard served as a compliance manager and in-house counsel for TPI Restaurants, Inc. In that position, Attorney Howard worked closely with company personnel to assure OSHA compliance and compliance with labor laws. She also worked in the area of employment discrimination defense. In 1992, Attorney Howard went to work for the City of Memphis as an Assistant City Attorney. In that role, Attorney Howard handled various types of tort claims involving the City of Memphis as a party. In addition, Attorney Howard handled civil service appeals and employment discrimination disputes as well as provided legal opinions for the City’s administrative leaders. In 1997, Attorney Howard decided to go out on her own to serve the people of the community. In the earlier years of her private practice, Attorney Howard provided services in many different areas- auto accidents, bankruptcies, civil litigation, criminal defense, divorce, employment law, family law, and so on. In 2004, Attorney Howard decided to focus her practice primarily in the area of divorce and family law. Since then, Attorney Howard continues to devote the majority of her practice to divorces, custody cases and child support matters. As a divorcee herself, Attorney Howard is dedicated to assisting others in getting out of unproductive and painful relationships to find and establish healthy and happy bonds.
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2707 Union Ext, Shelby County, Memphis 38112, Tennessee, Shelby County, United States

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